Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adopting Again

Greetings, Everyone! After much prayer and discussion, we've made the BIG decision to start another adoption journey. Today we are sending our application to World Links International Adoption Agency to adopt a girl (age 3 -5) from Russia. We are requesting the Vladivostok region. Since our boys are from that same region it is very special to us, as are the dear ladies we'll be working with there. The home study process is already in the works. You can follow our journey at our new blog: backtovlad.blogspot.com. We definitely seek your prayers! Thanks and God bless you all!


Joel, Clarion, Slav & Sergei


Jennifer said...

Awesome! Very exciting and prayers coming your way!!!

Gloria said...

Congrats! So very happy for you guys! Can't wait to read all about your journey. Very very happy for you all of you!

Troy and Rachel said...

Congrats - we'll be following along!

Amy said...

Congrats!! Wonderful news! I'll be along for the ride too!

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