Sunday, May 07, 2006

This is only the beginning!

Hey everybody! Sorry it has been a few weeks since we posted an update. Basically we've spent the last few weeks filling out various forms. This is only the beginning of the paperwork. We've filled out forms for Russian visas as well as some for different types of background checks. We're also preparing to send CHI names and addresses of people to contact for letters of recommendation in our behalf. Today Clarion and I each wrote a 2-4 page autobiography including details about our parents, siblings, upbringing, marriage and much, much more. It was interesting for each of us to reflect back on our lives and see what makes each of us who we are and then to describe how those things will influence the way we raise our children. This is all part of our homestudy.

It's all going well so far! We'll let you know when we have any significant news to pass along.

God bless!

Joel & Clarion