Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun, Sun & More

Hello again! Here we are in the lovely month of May. Time is passing so quickly but as the title of this blog suggests we are having plenty of fun and sun with the boys.

The boys have really been into superheroes and goofing around as the pictures below suggest. They keep us on our toes but also in stitches! They also really love dogs. Not only Dodger and Dandy but the other dogs in the neighborhood too. They love taking walks and seeing which canine friends they will run into. (A favorite lately has been an adorable golden retriever named Ferdie) It has been really nice to see them connecting with the children and their families in the neighborhood as well. Spring has really seen them having fun with their friends.

They both continue to make great strides and we could not be happier with how they are adjusting in their first year here in the USA. Slav is excited about his last two days in preschool this week. Joel recently went with him to "Donuts with Dad" and Slav was thrilled to show off his classroom to his papa. He has brought back some wonderful writing from preschool and I see such growth in him.

Sergei has taken his ABC's to heart and can spell his name, Slav's name, and "Stop" (from watching the stop signs as mama drives) He still loves to read books with Mama and Papa. His coloring has become much more controlled as well. I see good growth in him as well.

They seem very confident and independent and want to do things "all by self." Of course, this is good and sometimes not so good. We have our struggles but are grateful for the gift of family. Slav and Sergei are tremendous blessings to us and we will be forever grateful to everyone who supported us through our journey to adopt them. Enjoy the pictures!


Joel, Clarion, Slav & Sergei