Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Very Big Week!

This was a big week for the boys.  Clarion’s mom and dad arrived this week for a visit to meet their newest grandchildren.  The boys had a great time getting to know them. The boys have done so well meeting relatives.  They have attached to their mama and papa very well and seem to know the difference between us and other family members.  Temper tantrums are less and less every day.  Usually they’ll only take place if one of the boys is very tired.  Overall the boys are progressing nicely.  Slav had a 24-hour stomach bug in the middle of the week and his temperature got up to about 104 degrees.  The next day he had a light fever, but he was much better.  The day after that he was back to his old self and asking for sausage, one of his favorite things to eat.

The boys were baptized at church this morning.  This was the other big event of the week.  Today is Reformation Sunday, a day when Lutherans rejoice in God’s free grace in Christ Jesus.  It was great to see God working that grace in Slav & Sergei’s lives through the water and Word of Holy Baptism!  Clarion’s brother drove over from Tennessee and Joel’s mom flew up from Texas.  It was nice to have so many family members here as the boys were received into the family of God.  The boys were very well behaved.  We talked with them quite a bit about Baptism the last few days so they sort of new what was going to take place.  Below are pictures from the last week or so, including the baptism.

God’s blessings to you all!


 Joel, Clarion, Slav & Sergei  

Friday, October 10, 2008

Coming up to 1 month...

Wow, it has been awhile since we have done a blog post. Well, needless to say we have been very busy keeping up with two active little boys. Wonderful boys...but tiresome nonetheless.

What growth we have seen this month! Our little ones are so loving. There are lots of hugs and kisses (especially for Mama...too bad Papa had to go back to work) They both crave love and attention and we are trying to be patient with their demanding ways. Slava is counting to ten, knows his colors, and various shapes. Sergei is trying to master his colors, does pretty well with shapes, and loves practicing counting. They both just adore their cousins that live up the hill. Every day they want to see them. Slava told me he loves August and every day he says " August school?" Which means "Is August in school?' Now, Slava says "Mom, hachoo school" meaning I want to go to school. Sergei is definitely calming down and responding to discipline. It's difficult to discipline him because he wants to touch and see everything and doesn't really understand why he gets in trouble so much. So, we try to set boundaries without destroying bonds.

We are finally getting into a routine and things are beginning to calm down. Clarion's parents will be flying in on the 20th to meet the boys. They are staying a whole week and the boys are being baptized on the 26th of October. It's amazing that soon we will be heading into November. Time does fly.

So, things are going well from our end. Busy, but certainly good. Our prayers are with all those who are in the adoption process. It is amazing to see God bring families together. We certainly praise Him for ours. Here are some more pictures from this month for your enjoyment.

The Fritsches