Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas in St. Louis???

As you can see, my last post indicated that we would most likely be spending Christmas in Russia. Well, that may not be the case now. We spoke with Marti at CHI yesterday. Since we've heard nothing since receiving the news about meeting our boys on December 25, it is likely that our trip to Russia will not happen over Christmas break. Nothing is set in stone. It could still happen, but with only three weeks until the 25th, it doesn't look promising. If we don't make the trip over Christmas, it will probably be within a couple of weeks after Christmas. It's still a lot to get used to, all of the waiting and asking ourselves "when??? when??? when???". We continue to have faith that the Lord will work everything out in His time. We've been assured by our friends at CHI that the referral is still ours and that we will make this first trip soon. The delays are most likely due to holiday plans and minor interferences, etc., nothing huge. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. We know you are all waiting patiently along with us. What a blessing you all are to us! Hopefully more news soon! Don't forget to keep our two boys in your prayers as well.


Clarion & Joel