Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Slav's 6th birthday!

Slav- turning 5 just 2 days after arriving home in St. Louis!

Slav- turning 6 a full year after being home!

As you can see our oldest is doing great and full of spunk! He was so very excited to be turning 6. Once Sergei finished his birthday we were reminded every day how close we were getting to Slav's birthday.

We had his cousins and some friends over for dinner, presents, and cake and Slav had a blast! Of course, he is all about Spider-Man and aspiring to be a superhero. He was very excited about all of his gifts and having his brother and cousins to play with.

How much Slav has changed and grown this year! He is such a wonderful big brother, son, and friend. He has truly embraced his life as a Fritsche. He is so happy, loving, helpful, and energetic. We praise God every day that he has blessed us with such an incredible, brave, open- hearted little boy!


Cindy said...

I'm so happy to see your blossoming family! God has truly blessed you all with each other. Your boys are just adorable in every way.


Roger and Joanne said...


And, Happy Birthday Slav!

A beautiful family indeed!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Slav!

WOW~~ such changes in just a year. How time flies. He looks like such a happy boy!

Amy (Tatiana's mom - an Artem grad too!)

Carey and Norman said...

Happy Birthday Slav! So cute to see his interest in Spiderman and so hard to believe that he is 6! The last year has flown by!!

Heather said...

Happy belated birthday Slav! What a difference a year makes!

Troy and Rachel said...

Happy Belated Birthday Slav!!

Bill and Michelle Curran said...

He looks great! Oh, and good luck on the super hero career Slav!!!